Society for Continental Philosophy in a Jewish Context (CPJC) 

Program of Second Annual Meeting

October 12, 2002


8:00-9:15 p.m. Invited Address

Moderator: Michael Smith (Berry College)

Bettina Bergo* (Loyola College of Maryland) "Readings and Counter-Readings: Where Levinas Misreads Heidegger"

*Dr. Bergo is currently translating Marlene Zarader's La dette impensée, which is the focus of her talk.

Respondent: John Drabinski (Grand Valley State University)

9:25-10:50 p.m. Textual Discussion of Emmanuel Levinas's "To Die For..." and "Is Ontology Fundamental?"

Moderator: James Hatley (Salisbury University)

Discussants: Robert Gibbs (University of Toronto); Sandor Goodhart (Purdue University); Robert Manning (Quincy University)



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