Society for Contemporary Jewish Philosophy (CJP)

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The Society for Contemporary Jewish Philosophy (CJP; originally "Society for Continental Philosophy in a Jewish Context" [CPJC]) was founded in 2001 as a forum for scholars working in the intersections between Jewish philosophical and textual traditions and Continental European philosophy.

Our meetings take place in conjunction with those of SPEP (Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy), the North American organization representing scholars specializing in Continental philosophy.

Michael Smith (Berry College) - Opening Remarks for the Founding of an Annual Conference: Continental Philosophy in a Jewish Context (October 7, 2001), SPEP 2001 (Towson, Maryland)

Program of Second Annual Meeting (October 12, 2002), SPEP 2002 (Chicago)

Program of Third Annual Meeting (November 8, 2003), SPEP 2003 (Boston)

Program of Fourth Annual Meeting (October 30, 2004), SPEP 2004 (Memphis)

Program of Fifth Annual Meeting (October 22, 2005), SPEP 2005 (Salt Lake City)

Program of Sixth Annual Meeting (October 14, 2006), SPEP 2006 (Philadelphia)

Program of Seventh Annual Meeting (November 10, 2007), SPEP 2007 (Chicago)

Program of Eighth Annual Meeting (October 18, 2008), SPEP 2008 (Pittsburgh)

Program of Ninth Annual Meeting (October 29, 2009), SPEP 2009 (Arlington, Virginia)

Program of Tenth Annual Meeting (November 4, 2010), SPEP 2010 (Montréal)

Program of Eleventh Annual Meeting  (October 19, 2011), SPEP 2011 (Philadelphia)

Program of Twelfth Annual Meeting (November 1, 2012), SPEP 2012 (Rochester)

Program of Thirteenth Annual Meeting (October 26, 2013), SPEP 2013 (Eugene, Oregon)

Program of Fourteenth Annual Meeting (October 23, 2014), SPEP 2014 (New Orleans)

Program of Fifteenth Annual Meeting (October 8, 2015), SPEP 2015 (Atlanta)

Program of Sixteenth Annual Meeting (October 20, 2016), SPEP 2016 (Salt Lake City)